The Wholesome Journey: Mentorship Program

All individual coaching spots with Alison are currently full. Add your name to the waitlist form below to be contacted when a spot opens up! 

If you're ready to start your journey today, we recommend signing-up for the Group Program. Once an individual spot opens up, you'll only pay the difference between the Mentorship & Group Program. 

In this program, you will go from feeling overwhelmed and confused to feeling confident and empowered in your ability to successfully implement and thrive on an appropriately planned and nutritionally adequate plant-based diet against cancer and chronic disease. 

The Mentorship Program includes: 

- Lifetime access to the online program The Wholesome Journey 

- 1, 60-minute individual session + 5, 30-minute individual coaching sessions with Alison

- Unlimited messaging communication with Alison for 12-weeks


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